Monday, May 11th, Kendrick comes Straight Outta Compton and into the State Of California Senate.

Friday May 8th concluded a two week partnership drive for Dakar Media Academy that took us from Digital Hollywood, April 27th @ the Marina Del Ray Ritz Carlton, to Compton Unified School District’s Broadcast facility, channel 26. Along the way we met with executives from Intel, AT&T, CAA, NAACP, Television Academy, USC Annenberg, and the Department Of Defense.


The videos below capture some of memories and moments of meeting new friends and the our presentation of some Compton’s Finest scholars in their quest to submit themselves for qualification to mentorship, apprenticeship, and scholarship programs for career paths in technology and entertainment.

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Dakar Foundation For The Performing Arts is a not-for-profit organization partnering with schools, organizations in the private sectors, and higher education institutions to increase the number and quality of digital media practitioners and professionals graduating from underserved educational system title 1


Dakar offers digital media curriculum undergirded with computer science and engineering sciences sequence of course work for high school students and project based learning media production program for middle school, high school and college students.

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Students are introduced to the scope, rigor and disciplines of STEAM with the philosophy of Linked Learning to provide a Multidisciplinary experience for candidates for apprenticeship in the emerging industries of Digital Media.

DMA courses utilize project and problem-based learning that teaches students how to apply what they are learning to advocate for social, good, health and justice.


  • Understand how systems integration engineering principles combine with language arts and history for linked learning experiences.
  • Communicate effectively through reading, writing, listening and speaking and problem solving
  • Working through the Cohort Model


Dakar Summer Bridge Program (DSBP) is a project based linked learning experience designed to introduce middle school students to STEAM related career paths. This hands-on program is based on Dakar’s rich database of digital media partners and mentors. At DSBP instructors certified to teach DMA courses will provide expert instruction in small-group settings. During the summers, student men tee teams will work with mentors in-group mentoring modules in a field and laboratory environment using the You Tube Content Creator Playbook.

DSBP gives secondary school students a jumpstart on successful high school and college internships that will lead to advanced placement in a 2020 digital media apprenticeship pipeline. By exploring pre-digital media courses in middle school, students are prepared for the academic rigor that lies ahead in high school and beyond. DSBP will be better equipped to make informed choices about what classes to take in high school, where to go to college and what professional paths inside of the emerging digital media industry to pursue

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